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More Ways to Monetize Your Content for Adult Content Creators

Be Your Own Boss!

Are you looking for an OnlyFans alternative with MORE ways to monetize your content with no commissions and without restrictions?


We have a solution. Own your full potential and receive 100% of your money as a creator & offer your subscribers a true VIP experience with our Untamed Connect Platform. 

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Who We Are

We are an 18 + adult subscription platform committed to creating a safe and empowering space for women who want a place for creative expression and to explore their sexuality without the fear of being slut-shamed. It is our mission to normalize and empower women to consciously rediscover and reconnect with thier authentic self and have the ultimate sexual freedom.

As a creator first platform - our creator community is at the heart of everything we do. On our platform you have full control. We give you more ways than other platforms to make money and become your own boss.


Convert Free Followers Into Paying Fans

Engage and entice followers with free posts, as well as locked content accessible through paid subscriptions or pay-per-view.


Make more money with real-time communication

Use private phone and video calls and charge per the minute to interact with your members in real time. The longer you chat the more money you get.

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Beautiful "Instagram-Like" Feed

Create a beautiful and user-friendly interface to entice your followers. Add your links to your booking calendar, wish lists and more

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No Commissions, Receive Weekly Payouts

You are doing all the hard work, so why should you give away 20-30% of your money. We give you 100% of your money. Only pay a flat fee of $89/month after your 21-day free trial. No contracts, cancel anytime.

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Upscale Revenue Inside Private Messages

Find out who is willing to pay more money for personal communication through paid messages with exclusive content. You can charge for each incoming media message but allow free incoming text messages

Real-Time Earnings Statements

See exactly where your are generating your incomem from by viewing your statement and balance history, as well as view your weekly payout amount.

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Build Deeper Connections Using Audio Messages

People wnat to feel connected and sending a voice not to your subscriber helps to build a deeper connection and intimacy. Subscribers can also send you a voice note for free or you can charge a small fee. This is one of our hottest features.


Meet Leonda

The Powerhouse Behind Untamed Connect

I am also a creator on this platform. I have used other platforms in the past but they all left me frustrated because none of them allowed me to create the intimate and deep personal connections I wanted with my members and they took 20 to 30% of my hard-earned money.  So, I sought out to find a solution to my own probem and Untamed Connect was born.

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More Features

Who should use this platform?

We serve a very diverse group of women content creators from models, adult content creators, BDSM instructors, choreography dancers, escorts, solo adult content creators, pole dancers, companionship services, erotic storytelling creators, phone sex operators, cosplay and virtual dance class memberships.

Pole Dancing
"I wanted to offer virtual dance classes for women who were not able to make it to my class and also a way to increase my income. Untamed CONNECT is so user-friendly, my students love it! I post a new dance lesson 2x per week, which has significantly increased my income.

Simone, Pole Dance Instructor


You Are 100% In Control

No restrictions, No fear of being banned

Try Us Out

See It In Action - Watch Demo

Free Guide

Download: The Ultimate 10 Step Blueprint 
To Becoming Your Own Boss and Unleashing Unlimited Financial Potential

Starting an Untamed Connect business isn't complex but there is some planning involved. Don't worry, download this free guide and also get tips. We are here to help guide you every step of the way.

Thanks! Check your email for your free download.

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