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I am Leonda

I help women break free from feeling trapped in a version of yourself shaped by someone else, keeping you from reaching your true power and authenticity, caused by fear, outside expectations, constraints and antiquated beliefs.

Reclaim Your Truth - Unshackle Those Chains

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About Us

Untamed Inc. is dedicated to helping women break free from their mental, emotional, cultural and physical shackles and take control of their lives. We help women step out of the box and live their lives to the fullest potential – free from doubt, fear, and regret. We provide direction on how they can reclaim control of their life path by providing one-on-one coaching and an engaged, like-minded community that work together towards the cause of mental, emotional and sexual freedom so they can transform into their ideal selves with meaningful purpose and passion.

We are committed to inspiring and empowering other women like us who seek a liberated lifestyle in mind, body and soul. Founded by Leonda in 2020, our mission is to help all these powerful women:

  • Find true freedom within themselves

  • Unlock it with confidence

  • Create a future of an abundance of joy, love and sexual freedom

  • Rewarding relationships filled with love & trust

  • Manifest abundance & creativity that promote higher levels of success

  • Dismantle other people's expectations or constraints

Get Coached

Are you ready to leave the worries of what other's expect and...

reconnect with your authentic self?


Are you feeling trapped and not in control of your life? 

Is there someone in your life who always has the final say and that person is not you - perhaps a spouse, or a partner? Do you feel imprisoned by the external expectations of this person OR the rules and old belief system created by religion, cultural norms or a traditional marriage? Are you perceived by others as the "good girl" but there lies within a hidden depth of rebelliousness and desires you cannot bring yourself to reveal for fear of rejection, so you keep those desires in check? You want everyone to like you, which is a difficult burden to carry - but you wonder if there is still room for just a touch of wildness that doesn't come with judgement or shame from others?

For years that was also me

I craved control in my life - the opinions of others and those closest to me. But some life changes happened that caused me to look deep within myself and contemplate what truly mattered in life. I had never done this before, as I avoided any emotional pain by blocking out difficult thoughts or feelings that might take away from the strong facade I projected for others' benefit.  As life continued to throw me curveballs, I was forced to take a closer look at the inner core of myself. 


My usual coping mechanism had been stuck in avoidance mode; putting on an airtight mask that covered up any potential feelings of pain or suffering from those closest around me. Unawareness lingered over how closed off emotionally I had become, leaving behind only a happy exterior masking the truth beneath, which was a hollow shell void of true inner joy or emotional stability. Deep down inside, my emotions were suppressed beneath layers upon layers, oblivious to the hidden shrouds causing my emotional deadness and I was unaware of the disconnection between my heart, body and mind.

My path of self-discovery and freedom

"I stopped questioning myself and started to trust what was within me"

I have always had the answers, I just needed help to unlock them. But with this newfound knowledge came an uneasiness that quickly shook up everything I thought was true; from faith-based traditions, to long-held beliefs about a traditional marriage and lifestyle. Although still fearful of uncertainty and its potential implications, there was a growing strength inside me wanting only what truly resonated with who I really was as a person. What if I erased all the rules, got rid of all the external expectations, and trusted my own intuition for the answers to guide my life instead of allowing someone else to be the authority. Who was I before the world told me who I SHOULD be?


I was at a crossroads. Caught between my husband and religious expectations of submission as an obedient wife, godly righteousness, societal norms, and my inner desires I dare not express; all held in check by the fear that either side might reject or cast out this "good girl" facade. Struggling to find my own voice in a world where it may be too late to properly assert myself without consequences - but perhaps never too late for self-discovery and courage.


I Wanted to Live Authentically

with meaning and passion free from outside expectations, a traditional oppressive marriage or antiquated religious beliefs. I needed to be able to find my footing in the unknown - a place where I could exert control over what was about to come next. I yearned for safety and certainty, yet was being faced with an opportunity that could transform who I was on every level: mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Though it seemed like terrifying waters at first glance – uncertainty, disruption of thought patterns engrained through religion, marriage and societal expectations - I knew there was some hope; something entirely new in store if only I had the courage and right tools to explore this journey within myself. It was up to me now whether or not the answers lay ahead and I decided to confront doubt head-on fearlessly by saying “Yes! I am ready".

Learning to Live With Uncertainty


I felt trapped. Fear and uncertainty threatened to overwhelm me if I considered creating a new identity for myself; one that could bring judgement, dislike, shame or even disconnection from friends and family or even my spouse. This fear was paralyzing because the only life I knew seemed safe compared to risking it all on something unknown. But despite these agonizing thoughts weighing heavy on my heart - there remained an undeniable spark of hope within me longing to break free into a realm of freedom instead of living in this fog through the lens of my current reality. I reminded myself I had already taken so many steps towards self-empowerment by having the courage to look deep within myself, getting a life coach and doing the internal work - but now I had to find the courage to take my power back, risk losing all my relationships, as well as develop a fresh perspective skill set so that my ultimate liberation could become manifest!

"I Stopped Being Good, So I Could Just Be Free"


Creating A Brand New Identity

"I stopped being good, so I could just be free"

The worry that friends or family could cut ties due to such change paralyzed me beyond recognition. But a stronger urge was growing - I wanted to so desperately to feel alive and ununencumbered by any expectations or judgments and live freely. But in order to achieve this I first had to get the courage to break free from the oppressive reality of a traditional marriage and religious rules and constraints. I craved an uninhibited life of abundance where radical self-expression waited for me, filled to the brim with real connection, business success and wealth - all while fearlessly exploring my wild side. I wanted to find a sisterhood of understanding, empowering women who could inspire my free spirit rather than strip away any sense of worth associated with it or shame me.


I overcame the fear, obstacles and struggles and I thrive and am living life now on my own terms. Yes, I lost friendships but also gained new ones along the way. I have found tremendous success in shifting the relationship with my spouse into something new that works for the both of us.

Let Me Show You The Way

I have created several resources and practical tools to help you "Unlock The Keys" to your freedom, as well as help you connect to your tribe of like-minded women along the way.

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"Take Your Power Back"

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